Essential Oil Eucalyptus 20ml

Essential Oil Eucalyptus 20ml

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100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil THERAPEUTIC GRADE

  • Home Disinfector:  Add 20 drops to spray bottle with water or diffuse 5 drops.
  • Mold Stopper: Add 5 drops to vacuum/surface cleaner.
  • Seasonal Allergy Fighter: Diffuse 5 drops or apply 2-3 drops to temples & chest.
  • Cough Reliever: Apply 2-3 drops to chest & back of neck.
  • Sinus Clearer: Add 1-2 drops to cup of boiling water; place towel over head & inhale for 5-10 minutes.
  • Sore Throat Reliever: Diffuse 5 drops or apply 2-3 drops to throat & chest.

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