TMR Fit Clean - Liquid Zinc Magnesium Aspertate 30oz

TMR Fit Clean - Liquid Zinc Magnesium Aspertate 30oz

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HEALTHY SLEEP† – Some of the most important recovery after intense exercise occurs during sleep. Magnesium’s role in the body is to help relax the muscles, which is particularly important for deep sleep when muscle repair and recovery occurs.

RECOVERY† – When the body has healthy levels of zinc and magnesium, it can properly rest, repair, and recover, which helps prevent prolonged exhaustion.

STRENGTH† – Studies have shown a correlation between healthy levels of zinc and magnesium to the body’s ability to produce testosterone, making these minerals essential for greater gains, and for anyone wanting to build muscle or burn fat.

ENDURANCE† – Maintaining healthy zinc levels in the body has been shown to support muscle endurance and healthy testosterone levels.

  • Healthy Sleep
  • Recovery
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Vegan

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